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AL1 34 LI, Cordless lawn mower, 48 V, 34 cm width Alpina
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AL1 34 LI, Cordless lawn mower, 48 V, 34 cm width Alpina

The AL1 34 Li is a hand-held cordless lawn mower with 6 central cutting height adjustment settings. A space-saving, folding handlebar as well as the integrated carrying handle ensure easy storage. The collection box has a viewing window, which allows you to check the level of the catch box. With its 34 cm cutting width and 2 Ah battery power, the mower is suitable for lawns up to approx. 300 m². An integrated lawn comb ensures uniform alignment of the blade blades so that they can be cut perfectly. Technical specifications: * Mowing system: catch, rear discharge * Housing material: polypropylene * Cutting width: 34 cm * Cutting height adjustment: Central * Number of cutting heights: 6 positions * Cutting height: 25 - 75 mm * Working area up to: 300 m² * Collection type: plastic with viewing window * Catch volume: 35 L * Foldable handle: yes * Adjustable handle: Yes * Wheels: 140/170 mm profile wheels * Weight: 12 kg * Gross weight: 14.1 kg * Vibration level: 2.94 m / s² * Noise level measured: 92 dB (A) * Sou

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