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Image of Weber Pulse 1000 Electric BBQ with Stand, Black

Weber Pulse 1000 Electric BBQ with Stand, Black

Designed for modern living, the Weber Pulse Electric Barbecue is ideal for creating delicious grilled flavours without the flames. This new form of grilling especially suits urban environments. It's quick to get going and easy to use, stylish, portable...

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Image of Weber Barbecue Cleaner

Weber Barbecue Cleaner

Make life simple with the Weber range of barbecue cleaners. Weber Barbecue Cleaner is suitable for enamel and stainless steel. Makes it easy to loosen fat and food residue, so you always have a perfectly clean and appetising barbecue. Call us and speak...

Image of Weber Original GBS Trivet

Weber Original GBS Trivet

A handy accessory to place your GBS grate or accessory on to allow it to cool down without damaging any surfaces.

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