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Image of Char-Broil Premium Rotisserie Kit

Char-Broil Premium Rotisserie Kit

Includes: electric motor, two 4-prong fork, roller bearings, mounting brackets, extendible rod Fits Char-Broil Platinum, Professional, Performance, Gas2Coal 304 stainless steel construction

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Image of Char-Broil Rotisserie Fine Mesh Basket

Char-Broil Rotisserie Fine Mesh Basket

Ideal for vegetables, french fries and small items Compatible with Universal Rotisserie kit Equipped with separator to cook 2 dishes at the same time

Image of Char-Broil Universal Griddle

Char-Broil Universal Griddle

One size to fit all 2-4 burners grills Reversible with plancha or griddle functionality Dimensions: 38 x 3cm

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